My best friend


The last picture of Timo and me ... Timo was 10 weeks old, when I chose him and we spent about 9 years together. I took him always with me wherever I'd gone (to university ... Munichs most intelligent dog <g>, in holidays, at work, etc.). Timo was a enrichment for my life. He expected a lot of attention and stroke - so I always had to go out with him and I got a lot of move, I worked with him and I took care of him. In appreciation of my care he gave me all his little dog-love, was the most faithful friend I ever had and he was my personel bodyguard <g>.

It was a tragedy for me when I lost him in may 1995. It's more than 5 years ago, but I still miss him ...

Timo vom Donnersberg (Jockel v. Mahuba x Jasmin v. Stockberg),

ZTP V1A, SchH III, HD-1 (HD free), 12.4.1986 - 22.5.95

Timo at work

Timo ... hmmm, you never heard about him. No matter, althought he was not a well-known male, he "produced" some beautiful descendants. To take a look of them, click on the Puppy-Button.

You want to know more about doberman at all? I try to collect a lot of information about doberman in Germany. Most of the information is in German.
Check it out, klick on the Dobi-Button

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